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Letter to a woman...

Dear Woman,
Today is International Women’s Day. I’m sure you couldn’t have missed it even if you wanted to – with scores of in-your-face  newspaper ads placed by stores of all hues & shades, luring you with so-called discounts on jewellery, sarees, readymade garments, undergarments, food, fun & frolic including a free & `safe’ drop back home once you get yourself drunk at a pub tonight. The same ads are also exhorting the men in your life to splurge on you, shower you with gifts & everything material that’s available for a price.
In corners of the same newspaper, you would also come across horrifying reports about women being raped, murdered, molested, sexually harassed at workplaces, beaten inside the four walls of their homes & being driven to suicide for one reason or the other. It’s just that unlike the ads, these reports do not hijack your attention.
I also know that listening to the so-called feminists, you’ve come to believe that women’s worst enemy are men…