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Letter to RWA President

Context Setting: The letter is addressed to a typical RWA (Resident Welfare Association) office bearer in India who thinks he owns the whole society and misuses its resources in a wanton manner, fulfilling his personal whims and fancies. This guy/gal is also a bully, coward, spineless and usually a bigot who openly discourages residents belonging to minority groups from using RWA greens for holding celebrations and functions while opening its purse strings for celebrating festivals & rituals prevalent in his own majority community. For those opposed to his wrong acts, there is a rule book thrown at them. For others, it is forever exception season.
Dear President Saheb,

Saadar Pranaam Sir ji!
Let me begin this auspicious day by thanking you and your fellow travelers in the governing body profusely for showing unparalleled sensitivity towards aged men, women and kids staying in our society. I’m told that one of your …

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