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An Untold Story of Love Jihad

Upon learning that Muslim young men were getting some sort of special training to Patao (woo) Hindu girls in order to successfully establish marital relations with them, scores of young Hindu men across the country are reportedly switching over to t

Will Justice (Retd.) Katju be rewarded with a 2nd term as Press Council Chairman?

In politics as, in every other facet of life, TIMING occupies a great significance. A whistle blower blowing the whistle when something wrong is happening is a big deal. It can draw attention to the `wrong’ and help nip it in the bud. But whistle being blown after the thief has bolted cannot be accorded the same respect & must be looked at suspiciously.

Recenlty, we have had two such instnces-

One of an AIIMS Forensic Science doctor claiming that he was coerced/influenced by the powers that be to dilute/manipulate/conceal facts in the sensational death of Ms. Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Soon after, AIIMS denied the charges levelled by this doctor and it was revealed that he had an axe to grind with AIIMS management relating to his career prospects, promotions etc.Or perhaps it is a strategic move by the doctor for endearing himself to the ruling dispensation by giving it scoopfuls of muck to be thrown at the ousted regime and keeping its ke…


A nation’s search for an individual HERO or CONTRACTOR to govern & deliver

At the recently concluded India Today Conclave 2014, Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party fielded several questions & barbs from the audience. One question that he was repeatedly asked by various who’s who of the country (yes, the conclave is for the elite, by the elite & of the elite) is whether he was in the race to become India’ Prime Minister.
When he refused to confirm, he was then criticized for not helping matters as it was sending confusing signals to the voters as to who then should they vote for; who then is going to solve India’s plethora of problems; and if he isn’t in the race, then all that is left to vote for is Mr. Narendra Modi (implied in their queries cum observations). To these, Kejriwal clearly responded by admitting that he didn’t have the answers, leaving the audience feeling `let-down’.What came out was that `people’ were wanting to repose their trust in some individual to govern the country just the way we do with commercial contractors and sub-contra…

A Tree & a Bonsai

I, a Bonsai? 
O’ dear sweet li’l kid Am told you’re the one god lives in Or is it godliness?  Whatever,  Everyone says you are god’s gift  The believers & followers of god  should then be respecting you for what you are For the joys you bring For the liberty you symbolize  And for the purity that you embody With no biases No preconceptions No prejudices  And no ill wills 
Born in a free society So you are told How then did i become a conformist You wonder when as you grow old
The truth, my child Is that your freedom is limited to  The narrow boundaries drawn around  You are at liberty to run as much, But within this compound Stray even a little beyond  And we have labels in our pocket  We call you names  ‘coz we dunno what to do with you It’s our own limitation  But we’ll blame it on you

Open letter to Arnab `Go-Swamy'

Hey Arnab,

Hope this letter finds you shouting, yelling & sermonizing in the name of `fearless’ journalism and scolding your panelists and poodles (`independent', `reputed' journalists who must agree with you & help you get out of a tricky & sticky situation where you can't admonish your subjects in your typical style, if they have to get their pay-cheques released).

There is one thing that THE NATION CAME TO KNOW yesterday- That Arnab Goswami is an empty vessel that only makes LOUD, IRRITATING NOISES all the time. Yeah, I am talking about your cowardly act of making noise on ‪#‎RILGasScam‬ or ‪#‎AstonMartinCrash‬ and a total black-out of this most newsy development of our times! You find #‎USWoosModi‬ newsworthy and worthy enough to open your NOISEHOUR with this lame topic. Taking pity on you, I have conjured up some better `Noisehour’ `shout & scream’ topics.

Arnab, the nation wants to know (am shouting while writing this)-

1. Why no Indian woman has won …

Will You Ever Win this Race?