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By & large, the entire nation hailed Supreme Court judgement upholding citizen's right to reject all the candidates in a poll and its order to the Election Commission to introduce a special button for those wanting to exercise their Right to Reject. Sensing the public mood, most political parties and their netas have welcomed this judgement to harvest public goodwill by appearing to be `politically correct' even though deep down inside their hearts (I know they have one b'coz of the chest pain syndrome everytime a politician faces the prospect of staying in jail) & souls (not sure if they have one), most netas abhor this judgement. 

I happened to eavesdrop into a sinister All Party conversation among a handful of politicians and their cronies. I must tell you that there was no one from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in this get together.

The place was a pub called PUB Lic-ki-Lee. And this is what transpired at the pub-

Congress-ee (to BJP Wala): So, you guys were damn c…

An encounter with Ram Jethmaligni, the man behind the malign-ant "Man Disease"

A number of rape & molestation cases have been reported from across the country between yesterday & today. In almost all the cases, the victims were reported to be alone with their tormentors in a room. All the accused arrested in these cases have claimed innocence citing that the women complaining of rape & molestation were actually suffering from a mental disease that makes women yearn for solo male company inside a room. All the accused & their lawyers have spiritedly cited this `disease’ whose details were disclosed for the first time by none other than Ram Jethmaligni, India’s noted criminal lawyer and a presidential wannabe. 

In one instance, a terminally ill patient tried to rape a nurse attending to him in a five star hospital. Upon being questioned by the police inside the ICU, he told the investigators that the reason the nurse came to his room while he was alone there is because she is suffering from the `Man Disease’ referred to by Mr. Jethmaligni. He even t…