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Your being `Educated’ has me worried

There goes one more independence day marking India’s 67 years of `freedom’!

Freedom from what?
Being ruled by the British – certainly a Big Yes.
Freedom from everything else a society or nation ought to be free of – A big question mark!!
Like every year, Indians celebrated their nation’s independence in the usual way – putting on their traditional attires taking special care to wear colors resembling the national flag; hoisting national flag in their respective localities; standing as the national anthem was played; going shopping to nearby malls to avail `freedom discounts’; eating out as the domestic help chose to take an off on this important day; some took off to distant destinations to enjoy their long weekend while a few flew tricolor kites. And yes, we didn’t forget to wish our Facebook/Twitter friends a happy Independence Day. That’s about it!
Celebrating Independence Day in our country (& perhaps everywhere else) has been turned into a wonderful ritual full of tokenism. Any…