Will You Ever Win this Race?

Hey Mr. Smarty Pants,
O' You Guy `In Control', 

Feel like slowing down or even stopping to enjoy all the good things that you see around. What's the point of remaining so busy that you don't have the bandwidth to relish what deserves to be enjoyed?

But what'll happen if I slow down or stop?

The other guys would race past me.

They'll make it bigger in life than me.

They'll have bigger bank balances, bigger cars, larger homes & king- size attitudes

They'll go on more exotic holidays.

They may get to supersede me in the next round of promotions.

My company may even sack me.

What a downer that'll be.

Even though I have more than enough money,
To spend the rest of my life with my honey,
How will I spend the remaining years,
As I know nothing beyond my cubicle,
my laptop, my tablet and my 3G dongle,
I am a lion of this jungle.

No, I can't afford to stop running,
No, I don't want to feel like a misfit in that strange place called real life, 
I better go on,

`F' the `enjoyment' bit,
I can always do it once I hang my boots.


Man, this race is going to consume you.

Hanging your boots! Ha, you have hung yourself!!

Stop thinking,

Go, RUN and never show me your face again.

You can never finish this race,

'coz it has no finishing line,
There is only one certainty,
The race will finish you!

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