Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Tree & a Bonsai

I, a Bonsai? 

O’ dear sweet li’l kid
Am told you’re the one god lives in
Or is it godliness? 
Everyone says you are god’s gift 
The believers & followers of god 
should then be respecting you for what you are
For the joys you bring
For the liberty you symbolize 
And for the purity that you embody
With no biases
No preconceptions
No prejudices 
And no ill wills 

Born in a free society
So you are told
How then did i become a conformist
You wonder when as you grow old

The truth, my child
Is that your freedom is limited to 
The narrow boundaries drawn around 
You are at liberty to run as much,
But within this compound
Stray even a little beyond 
And we have labels in our pocket 
We call you names 
‘coz we dunno what to do with you
It’s our own limitation 
But we’ll blame it on you

We’ll trim you & prim you
And make you a Bonsai 
That tiny li’l breathing thing 
That appeals to my eye
We’ll place you in a corner 
With a lamp on your head 
We’ll cut out your roots 
So that you never hug the earth again
In a puny little pot
You’ll get water & food
As part of this bargain
It is we who decide when & how you get to see the sun
Or hear the birds and bees 
For whom you are no fun
Yet, as I said earlier
You are a free man 
A woman of your will

Yes, there is something called a tree
Out there in the wilderness
It grows and lives life on its own terms
 Free from the freedom you have 
It blooms, blossoms and fruits
Year after year
Its millions of leaves selflessly cleaning the air
Its unruly branches sheltering hundreds of creatures
Its leaves, fruits and stem feeding a number of mouths
Its rough looking trunk shielding a number of lives
With adversity as perpetual companion
On the floor of the forest
Amidst competition it survives
Works its way around and thrives 
Supporting innumerable lives

This fellow is a fighter & survivor
A creature pretty smart 
Its roots turn explorer
Running deep in the ground
Resting only once water is found
Its twigs negotiate the winds
In their quest to touch the sky

O’ dear sweet li’l child
It is about time you showed who you are
Looked everyone in the eye 
And chose for yourself 
If you wanna be a Tree 
Or will be happy as a Bonsai. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Open letter to Arnab `Go-Swamy'

Hey Arnab,

Hope this letter finds you shouting, yelling & sermonizing in the name of `fearless’ journalism and scolding your panelists and poodles (`independent', `reputed' journalists who must agree with you & help you get out of a tricky & sticky situation where you can't admonish your subjects in your typical style, if they have to get their pay-cheques released).

There is one thing that THE NATION CAME TO KNOW yesterday- That Arnab Goswami is an empty vessel that only makes LOUD, IRRITATING NOISES all the time. Yeah, I am talking about your cowardly act of making noise on ‪#‎RILGasScam‬ or ‪#‎AstonMartinCrash‬ and a total black-out of this most newsy development of our times! You find #‎USWoosModi‬ newsworthy and worthy enough to open your NOISEHOUR with this lame topic. Taking pity on you, I have conjured up some better `Noisehour’ `shout & scream’ topics.

Arnab, the nation wants to know (am shouting while writing this)-

1. Why no Indian woman has won Miss World/Miss Universe title after Aishwarya/Sushmita? Has India stopped producing HOT women??
2. Why Delhi continues to feel cold even in mid-February?
3. Impact of cold wave on Valentines Day Celebrations.
4. Financial implications of keeping an empty chair named ‪#‎AAP‬ in your studio till yesterday & dedicating a camera unit to it.
5. Correlation between the noise generated by you & your panelists and cases of loss of hearing in the country.
6. The meteoric rise of comedian Kapil Sharma and his political leanings given his proximity to Navjot Sidhu.
7. Investigative expose' on Navjot Singh Sidhu & Archana Puran Singh's ability to laugh for no rhyme or reason. Is it due to some medical or psychiatric condition?

Hope this will suffice for a full week. Shall share more topics for next week soon. Keep checking your inbox & do take my suggestions seriously b'coz they are way better than your lame ones.

As they say in India's rural hinterlands, ANT(illa) BHALA, TO SAB BHALA! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Will You Ever Win this Race?

Hey Mr. Smarty Pants,
O' You Guy `In Control', 

Feel like slowing down or even stopping to enjoy all the good things that you see around. What's the point of remaining so busy that you don't have the bandwidth to relish what deserves to be enjoyed?

But what'll happen if I slow down or stop?

The other guys would race past me.

They'll make it bigger in life than me.

They'll have bigger bank balances, bigger cars, larger homes & king- size attitudes

They'll go on more exotic holidays.

They may get to supersede me in the next round of promotions.

My company may even sack me.

What a downer that'll be.

Even though I have more than enough money,
To spend the rest of my life with my honey,
How will I spend the remaining years,
As I know nothing beyond my cubicle,
my laptop, my tablet and my 3G dongle,
I am a lion of this jungle.

No, I can't afford to stop running,
No, I don't want to feel like a misfit in that strange place called real life, 
I better go on,

`F' the `enjoyment' bit,
I can always do it once I hang my boots.


Man, this race is going to consume you.

Hanging your boots! Ha, you have hung yourself!!

Stop thinking,

Go, RUN and never show me your face again.

You can never finish this race,

'coz it has no finishing line,
There is only one certainty,
The race will finish you!